Traveling Must Haves… Part 2

Style and comfort are equally important when it comes to traveling these days. I am obsessed with celebrity airport fashion, and for good reason! Celebs like Kristin Cavallari–mother, wife, entrepreneur–do it right and inspire us with their chic and comfy airport looks, and sleek luggage! When I’m traveling, it’s also really important to me to have things accessible (I’m always hungry, thirsty, or in need of a great fashion mag😃) as well as be hands free. For years, I have relied on a smallish rolling bag with handles like this one from Ted Baker. It’s perpetually packed and ready to go with my cashmere wrap (in case I get cold), memory foam neck pillow (I can sleep anywhere!), jewelry case (I never check my valuables), and the most important item….my luggage scale. The luggage scale allows me to shop while on my travels, but ensures that I keep my suitcase under 50 pounds to avoid unwanted additional fees. 🧳 ✈️ 💎⚖️💤 Bon voyage!