Your Guide to Wearing Spring Color…

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We love to talk color and think that determining dominant colors for your closet is an important part of building a great seasonal wardrobe. This spring, two distinct color trends are emerging–pastels and neutrals. These trending colors are similar in that they both exude calm, positivity, thoughtfulness, and dependability. These are feelings we are craving most in life right now. By wearing these colors, we are using our clothes as a vehicle for change after a long and grueling year.

Last week we focused on pastels. This spring, we will be styling pastel looks that are modern and sophisticated by combining multiple colors into one look. For example, we will pair a pastel blue bag with white jeans, pastel pink puff sleeve top, and finish it off with pastel green slides. Monochrome and tonal looks also hit the mark. To achieve this look, you combine like colors of pastel pink or related shades to create a cohesive overall look. Check out last week’s posts for ideas.

This week we turn our attention to neutrals. We all love neutrals, and we all know that neutrals serve as the building blocks for any closet. This season is different, however, in that we are seeing head-to-toe neutrals. Try mixing tones like beige and white, beige and grey, or white and cream. You can also add neutral textures like leather, knits, silk and raffia to elevate the look to stylist status. We can’t wait to share some of our favorite looks and pieces to shop. Stay tuned!



Kristen and Kristin