Three Easy Outfit Formulas…

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We love outfit formulas because they simplify life and make getting dressed in the morning much easier. Think of an outfit formula as a math equation (A + B + C = STYLE). When you identify outfit formulas that work for you, you can achieve an air of personal style using items that can be worn interchangeably and that make you feel confident!

When considering outfit formulas, first consider your “go to” pieces. These are the repeatable elements that anchor your looks (often your basics or essentials). You also should consider silhouette–the proportions of your ideal outfit—because it will help you find individual pieces that create a balanced shape.

These outfit formulas look great on lots of different body types:
Outfit 1 = Distressed Jean Shorts + Over-Sized White Peasant Shirt + Slides
Outfit 2 = Ecru Wide-Leg Jeans + Black Ribbed Tank + Gold Layered Necklaces
Outfit 3 = Mid-Length Shorts + White Tee + Mules

You can make the formula your own by styling your looks. For example, maybe you like to cuff your jean shorts or half tuck your shirt? Also, identify creative variations of your outfit formula by identifying pieces that are similar in style and silhouette but different in color, fabric, print, and texture.