The Urge to Splurge

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It struck me, why does the word “splurge” have to have a negative connotation? Researchers describe a “splurge” as an action used to “minimize feelings of sadness and help repair mood.” While that may be true on some level (pandemic purchases come to mind), Kristin and I carefully plan out our fashion “splurges” based on a close examination of our wardrobe. The process is much more complex than just buying something to elevate mood or escape from reality.

Budgets are tighter than ever so it’s critical to think about how, where, why, and sometimes even when, you will spend your money. We are big supporters of having a strategic shopping plan so that your “splurges” make sense in the grand scheme of your wardrobe and your budget. Maybe you need to replace some basics, or maybe you want to invest in a new trend that you have been tracking.  Either way, your splurge is that one item (or several??) that is worth the extra love, energy, and money that that purchase requires.

With the Fall shopping season well under way, Kristin and I already have our strategic shopping plans in hand and our splurges on the brain. While the items we are splurging on may be the same–COAT, BAG, BOOTS—our idea of splurging differs. I like to go big and she likes to play it a little safer. Our differences are what makes us a great team!

This week we look forward to sharing our splurge-worthy items with you! Stay tuned!


Kristen and Kristin