The Power of The Topper

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This week I am keeping with the basics theme. Bear with me gals, but my philosophy is that if you get the basics down pat you will successfully manage your closet in a way that makes you feel confident and happy. That may sound like a stretch, but understanding your basic wardrobe structure (chart specific pieces and then identify how many in each category) can be a game changer. When your basics wardrobe works, the rest of the pieces fall into place—your closet reflects your personal style and lifestyle, your closet is more versatile which makes it easier to maintain and update, and you become a more conscious consumer because you know what you love and what your need.

So today I want to talk “toppers” (see list below). In my opinion, toppers (the outer shell that adds style and dimension to a look) is the most important basic in your wardrobe. A little secret….I own more toppers than anything else in my closet because they make simple elements look amazing, like jeans and a tee shirt, but without an amazing amount of effort.
As a result, your topper should never be an afterthought! Toppers serve multiple functions– texturing, tailoring, structure, visual balance, and, of course, warmth. These days, I’m wearing less formal toppers, but they still make me look and feel pulled together!