The Case for Virtual Styling…

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For many people, editing their closet, sifting through bins and bins of out-of-season clothes, and shopping for the upcoming season is a dreaded experience. Virtual stylists make this easy by bringing the service right to you! In fact, virtual styling services have exploded in recent years across the industry as widespread internet access and affordable services make it appealing to people who otherwise may not have even considered it.

Virtual styling services appeal to busy individuals and those that struggle to identify their style profile. If you feel doubtful, unsure, or overwhelmed by your wardrobe, there is no need to stress any longer. Kristin and I can provide flexible virtual styling services that allow us to tailor the service to your needs, and create packages that fit any budget.

Using a video chat platform such as Zoom, Skype or Facetime, we can help you sort through your closet and discard pieces that no longer serve you (a virtual closet audit!). We can also help you put together outfits with items that make the cut using easy to understand outfit formulas, maximize your wardrobe by showing you how to wear one item multiple ways, and create a shopping list to replace items that were edited out.

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