Style Journey with Sara Bozich… PART II: STYLE

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Threads of Hershey has been partnering with Sara Bozich, an entrepreneur who runs a consulting firm under the same name, for several months. Sarah has been the go-to source for Central Pennsylvania for almost two decades, and she now uses her experience to help market and promote local companies, products, and services like ours. We approached her about editing her closet and exploring her personal style. The timing could not have been better… Sarah had been working from home for about 10 years, long before the COVID lockdown, and was struggling to find her style outside of sweatpants and leggings. We hope that Sarah’s story inspires you to explore the many benefits of working with a personal stylist.

Our goal for Sara was to bring her closet to life. In many ways, working from home for years had caused her style to “flatline.” She was uninspired when dressing in the mornings, wore similar things every day, and didn’t have a system to manage her wardrobe. After editing her closet, however, we could see that Sara was energized to implement changes. Together we started evaluating her personal style.  Could we build outfits that she looked forward to wearing, worked for her busy lifestyle, and that communicated a cohesive story?

Working with Sara, we were able to:

  • Identify a modern color palette and shape profile
  • Create a uniform that fit her lifestyle but that didn’t involve leggings or sweats
  • Incorporate her signature items (mainly vintage pieces) into everyday looks
  • Style elevated looks for in-person meetings, events, dinners, etc.

How did we do it?

Through a series of try-ons, we identified a comfortable, versatile, and stylish look that was easy to replicate, incorporated her favorite colors, and worked with her shape–a fashion uniform. This new uniform consisted of high-waisted jeans or paper bag waist pants, stylish sneakers, a structured bag, simple jewelry, and a versatile outer layer for weather changes. This was something that Sara could work with and that was bound to save her time and energy!

Sara struggled to work her signature vintage pieces into the larger context of her wardrobe. We showed her the importance of balancing vintage pieces with modern shapes and styles for a fresh take. For example, we combined a retro sweater vest with a boyfriend blazer, tucked a vintage sweater into high-waisted jeans, and paired a flowy silk print top with crisp white denim. We created outfit formulas (vintage sweater + high-waisted jeans + structured bag + stylish sneakers) that she could easily replicate on her own.

Because she lacked a few basic pieces, we also noticed that Sara struggled to build elevated looks for meetings, dinners, and other personal and professional events. We prepared a list of items that would take her existing clothes to new heights. Stay tuned as we hit some of our favorite local boutiques to help Sara complete the final step in building a fully functional wardrobe!