Strategic Shopping…

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Shopping for clothes can be time consuming, expensive, frustrating, and even disappointing. Because of these reasons many people hate doing it, but it’s a necessary activity if you want to have a stylish and modern wardrobe. If you are one of the few people who likes to shop for clothes and are good at it, you probably follow these strategic shopping guidelines that we teach our clients.

Strategic shopping is key to having great style and confidence. For us, strategic shopping means purchasing specific items that add value to your wardrobe by making it easy to dress, purchasing basic items that need to be replaced for the season, and shopping on a budget. This usually requires making a list ahead of time, knowing what shapes look good, and determining a color palette. If you follow these simple rules, you are guaranteed to up your style game!

This week we will share items in our spring capsule wardrobe to help guide your shopping, on-line shopping resources through our affiliate shopping posts, and tips for how to shop on a budget!

Fashionably Yours,

Kristen and Kristin