Our Fav Fall Trend: The Fancy Sweatshirt

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The great thing about Facebook is that it knows what I want before I do. Case and point: the fancy sweatshirt. Populating my feed the last week or two has been Cynthia Crowley’s Sunday Printed Sweatshirt. The cozy feel, the cropped shape and the boldly patterned sleeves caught my eye immediately. I knew at that moment that I had to have the “fancy” sweatshirt.

I enjoy dressing up and looking nice, even when I’m working from home. My outfit affects my mood, memory, and productivity level. Although I also enjoy being comfortable (duh!), I enjoy looking put together even more which is why I am totally losing it for the elevated sweatshirt! It checks all the boxes.

This Fall, Kristin and I will be pairing the fancy sweatshirt with white wide-leg pants and open toed-sandals (until it gets embarrassingly cold), cropped jeans and stylish high-top sneakers, and mid-length denim skirts and chunky lug sole boots. We especially love the fancy sweatshirts from @CynthiaCrowley, @Frame, @Zara, @Agolde, @motherofpear, and, of course, @Gucci! Whatcha think?


Kristen and Kristin