How to Wear Cropped Flare Jeans This Fall…

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I’m happy to announce that you can wear your cropped flare jeans all year around! Yes, that’s right. Don’t look so shocked or dismayed…we will walk you through how to do it flawlessly! All your friends will be copying your fabulous new Fall look and why not let them? Cropped flare jeans are the perfect pants for the transition season.

Like you, I traditionally packed up my cropped flare jeans in September and didn’t lay eyes on them again until March. I got giddy when I started seeing my Insta feed populated with frayed cropped flare jeans styled for Fall with sleek mid-calf booties; chunky lug-sole boots, and cool-weather tights and block heels. I watched with glee as I imagined my Fall outfits tripling overnight and the price-per-wear (the cost of the item divided by the number of times you wear it) on my designer cropped flare jeans go down, down, down!

This week, Kristin and I will share our favorite brands of cropped flare jeans in our Shop Kristen’s Closet posts, advise you on what shoes to wear with cropped flares (because it can be tricky!), and offer up some chic outfits that you can assemble at home starting immediately. Happy Fall!


Kristen and Kristin