Flower Power

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PhotoCred: FashionGum

What do your floral prints say about you?

So, what do your floral prints say about your personality? Can your favorite prints tell us if you’re a hopeless romantic, dark and mysterious, happy go lucky, bold and dramatic, or shy and quiet? Yes! There are some floral prints that we are just attracted to—big and bold, understated and romantic, or curiously abstract—whether we are conscience of it or not.

It’s taken me a few years to understand florals. In the past, I tended to stay away from them because I thought they were too memorable, or too girly, or that they made me appear “soft.” More recently however, I’ve come to embrace the fact that florals can be whatever I want them to be. In fact, the style options allow me to exude a range of my personality traits—from powerful and confident to warm and compassionate. As women, we are all these things…and more. Even though our relationship with style can be complicated, florals allow us to explore all sides of our character, if we so choose.

Now that I better understand “flower power,” I consider florals a staple in my closet. I think that they are the perfect balance of strong, intelligent, sexy and feminine. If you ruled them out in the past, try them again this Spring. My advice—find a print, color, and style that works for your personality, body type and existing wardrobe. Like me, you will soon learn that florals add interest to your closet, are versatile (they can be worn with ease to weddings, work and everyday), and allow you to embrace and express the fascinating pieces that make you you!