Fall Style Forecast—Homebody Chic

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In case you haven’t noticed, fashion is looking mighty different this year. We are wearing less “fashionable” clothing and more “shelter in place” ensembles.  So, this begs the question, “What will we be buying this Fall and how will we be wearing it?”

Kristin and I believe that we are embarking on an unprecedented consumer shift that will have long-term impacts. Even before the disruption of COVID-19, our relationship with fashion was evolving and we were seeking clothes that were more casual, easy care, and consumer friendly (e.g., click and buy, and free shipping and returns). Even with the return to school and work, we predict that consumers will abandon trendy items for neutral colors and basic pieces like joggers, jeans, leggings, and tees.

Because life is all about adapting and compromise, we are doing the same. We are swapping our usual Fall purchases like silk shells, tailored pants, and block heels for softer fabrics, more relaxed silhouettes, and casual shoes. Our Fall capsule wardrobe includes slim fit joggers, chunky knits, stylish sneakers, and versatile culottes that can be worn four seasons.  Kristin and I will be incorporating more high-low pairings like hoodies with blazers and joggers with statement tops that already exist in our closets. We are thinking of our evolved style not as athleisure or lounge, but as “homebody chic.” Who’s with us?


Kristen and Kristin