A Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Closet

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First, let me start by saying there is absolutely no pressure to accomplish any great feats while you are in self-quarantine. I’ve read several articles about how people are picking up new hobbies, or becoming Master Chefs, or even learning a second language.

This is amazing if you have the time and the will! However, the flip side is that some of us are really struggling to navigate this new found free time. Others (me included!) just needed a lengthy break from the everyday routine, and that’s ok too.

But, if you are, in fact, looking to take advantage of this time to do something that you never really had the time to do before, I have a great suggestion!
How about Spring cleaning your closet?

I’m pretty confident that if you put the time in now you will feel healthier and more productive in the long run! Let me show you how it’s done….

1. Pare Back: It’s really important to be able to pare back, clear the clutter and, ultimately, part with items that you no longer wear or love. Remove anything that’s uncomfortable, out-dated, ill-fitting, or beyond repair items from your closet. Identify items to donate, toss, sell and store and place in labeled bags or bins. Also, try to follow the one year rule—If you haven’t worn something in a year it’s probably because you’ve retired that style (consciously or unconsciously), or already bought another item to replace it, so it can go.

2. Organize: Once you have determined the “keepers,” it’s time to organize. I like to organize my closet by type (dresses, skirts, pants, shirts) and then by color (I use a color wheel that you can easily search up on Google).

3. Find a Place for Everything: In order to effectively see and wear your clothes, I recommend three ways of storing–hanging, folding and displaying. Most of my clothes hang on slim line velvet hangers or hooks. The items that don’t fit easily into the closet get folded and placed in drawers (e.g., underwear, socks, pajamas, and sweaters). Finally, pretty dresses, shoes, bags, and jewelry all get displayed so that my closet looks more like a boutique.

4. Assess: After you have edited and organized, it’s time to evaluate your closet. Ask yourself important questions:
Are their gaps or outliers in my closet?
Do the colors and styles accurately reflect who I am today?
Do I have practical items that fit my lifestyle?
Will I feel confident and happy wearing everything in my closet?

5. Find Your Happy Place: Your closet should be a carefully curated collection of things you love and enjoy. I have found that when my clients have a fully functional wardrobe, they feel happier and are more stylish!

Happy cleaning!
For more tips on closet cleaning, see my favorite book: https://anuschkarees.com/curatedcloset