5 Summer Shoe Styles We Recommend to Our Clients

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We love shoes! There is no other way to say it. I love versatile block (or mid-size) heels because they are the perfect shoe for my extended height, while Kristin has a propensity for stylish sneakers and has built an impressive collection over the years! We believe that shoes are the most important part of your outfit. They are the heart and soul of our wardrobes.

Why do shoes matter? Shoes define and complete an outfit. They are one of the first things we notice when we are meeting people. In fact, our experience has shown that people have positive opinions of those who are wearing stylish footwear. What you wear on your feet can say a lot about you!

We believe that every season deserves a special shoe! Here are the styles that we are loving and recommending to clients during this COVID casual summer:

  • Updated thong
  • Mid-size heel mules
  • Functional sandals
  • Designer slides
  • Stylish white sneakers

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Kristen and Kristin